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AVGDID because nobody else would
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A Wossy Is For Life
...not just for Christmas! :love:

And who knows, maybe Aeria will even get lucky with that competition? :eager: It's only been a month since her and Wossy's trip to Capture Kingdom

Mature Content

Capture Kingdom by SuichiTanaka
and she already misses it! :tears: The sights, the sounds... the struggles! I think I've fainted.
Of course, there's no time for daydreaming about kinky vacations when her new Wossy needs to be kept busy, lest the emergency 'feature' be activated... :evillaugh:

(You know the drill by now - screw the calendar! Ain't nobody gonna tell me or Wossy when we can give Aeria presents! :rage: Happy holidays-that-are-already-over! :party: )
Goofin' and wrasslin'
Assorted doodles and stuff from the past couple of months.

Top row: Raya100 's Natsa and Rara, sexy as ever. Inspired by :iconraya100: 's Before 'n Today BNT Folder Sale by Raya100 folder, I took a shot at an old picture of Aeria. She's filled out over the years!

Upper middle row: I realized that Aer totally looks like a MILF when she brushes her hair back behind her ear. :love: A misc Aer, pose from a stock gesture photo. Raya's Natsa and Shye get caught trying to escape! Wossy and SuichiTanaka 's Melanie enjoy the magic of pigtails!

Lower middle row: WRASSLIN'! Wossy and Aer take over NXT in WWE2K16! It doesn't end well for poor Aer. :( Thankfully, they later put aside their differences and found the magic of TEAMWORK! With spirits (and egos..) high, they took a vacation to :iconsuichitanaka: 's new kinky sci-fi theme park, Capture Kingdom!

Mature Content

Capture Kingdom by SuichiTanaka
(Guess who that butt in the top left postcard belongs to? :chew: )

Bottom row: Tiny Mel is tiny! Smug Aer is smug! MGSV'S Quiet-Aer! :iconlureda: 's Super Strip Fighter has long been one of my favourite pictures, so I felt like doodling a little follow up of how I imagine Aer spent the night once Sanae was done tormenting her. :evillaugh:

Proper X-Mas picture is in the works! Can't promise it'll on time, but I don't plan on wimping out like I did for Halloween! CURSE YOU! 
Tiny Shiny! by WossaRem
Tiny Shiny!
Melanie is cute. Melanie in tiny fairy form is super cute. :heart:
Ribbons are cute. Ribbons wrapped around tiny Melanie are super cute. :heart:

Melanie belongs to :iconsuichitanaka:
Spooky Scary SkeletAer by WossaRem
Spooky Scary SkeletAer
No Getting Into Character this year, sorry! :( Had some nice ideas but got frustrated when my skill couldn't keep up with my imagination. CURSE YOU! Still, I'd feel bad not posting anything, so here's a simple Aeria.

Lucky for us, the awe-inspiring :iconcommanderrab: went on a Halloween binge, so Wossy and Aer still ended up with awesome costumes! :D
OC-tober Costume Challenge day 3 by CommanderRab

Mature Content

OC-tober Costume Challenge day 12 by CommanderRab

Just a quick heads up, switched the content delivery service for Escapades Issue 1 and my older Pic Sale from Oronjo over to Pulley. It looks nicer, goes a bit quicker, and most importantly does not require you to have a PayPal account, which should come as a relief to some of you who have contacted me recently. :)
Edit: Here's a quick guide on purchasing via debit/credit card without a PayPal account!

The Oronjo links are still live, so if you already own a copy of either file you should still be able to redownload it for up to a year after the date of purchase (and of course, I'm happy to provide replacement copies anytime, all I need to know is the email address you used at the time of purchasing).

As always, feel free to send me a Note or leave a comment on the deviation if you have any issues regarding payment, downloading or viewing the files, or even if you just want to ask some questions about the comic or picset before making a purchase - I will reply as fast as I can!

Thank you for the overwhelming support so far - it gives me the warm and fuzzies to see people love Wossy and Aeria as much as I do! =P
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